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KLIM Dakar Rally Daily | 2023 Stage 1 | Episode 49

Episode Summary

Happy New Year! It's 2023 and Stage 1 of the Dakar Rally is creating chaos already. Boom!

Episode Notes

It's already getting crazy out there, people.

Welcome to the  KLIM Dakar Rally Daily 2023 Stage 1 show. Today we go over a lot of details about the race that happened, but first, we get some apologies out of the way for our beer-induced Stage Zero show from last night. Turns out we shouldn't do that because we should just know better. Not because we drank beer and made fools of ourselves, but because we should just know that Dakar is never predictable and that procedures always change!

Big news from the day is the withdrawal of 2022 Dakar Rally Champion Sam Sunderland after a violent crash resulting in a broken shoulder blade and concussion, according to reports. Bummer day for the champ and we're going to really miss his updates from the race. Get well soon, Sam!

The race had even more drama today with time penalties knocking around the top rankings right up until showtime. In the end, American Ricky Brabec grabbed the stage win after adjustments. going to the source and chatting with stage winner Ricky Brabec as well as Skyler Howes and Original by Motul American racer Paul Neff! As a member of the American Rally Original crew, Paul (and the rest of the maniacs in the unsupported class) are giving us real insight to the traditional Dakar experience.

One of the biggest highlights of the days racing was American Mason Klein holding the front of the race for most of the stage, only being edged out (very early, before penalties) at the end of the special by Daniel Sanders. Klein is continuing to prove his speed out there. An impressive ride by him, for sure.

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