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KLIM Dakar Rally Daily | 2023 Stage 12 | Episode 61

Episode Summary

How Can Dakar Still Be This Close!?

Episode Notes

Today's KLIM Dakar Rally Daily show from Stage 12 is here and we are blown away by how close the front of the race continues to be. 

Amazing rides at the front of the race today shook the results up and turned predictability on its head. But, the front three contenders are still in control and the time gaps are someone staying unbelievably tight. We're talking less than three minutes separating the top three, 28-second gap between the top two!

That's right, 28 seconds is the gap at the top of this Dakar Rally.

We hear directly from stage bosses Daniel Sanders and Toby Price as they represent Australia with big pride at the front of the race today, delivering crazy strong performances in the dunes. Skyler Howes steals some internet access and sends us an update from the last few stages, as well. Great to hear from you, Skyler!

Finally, our on-the-ground man with the microphone, Ashley House brings us two quick interviews today. First up is Technical Director at the KTM group for Rally Stefan Huber, who we've talked to before, but never during a Dakar quite like this. Then, House takes us to the Original by Motul class and gets the two front runners, who are separated by less than three minutes for the win, in a dual-interview full of drama! Ok, not really, but it is entertaining to hear directly from the gladiators of Dakar.

More fun and great race insight on today's show. Enjoy!