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KLIM Dakar Rally Daily | 2023 Stage 2 | Episode 50

Episode Summary

2023 Dakar Stage 2 Show!

Episode Notes

American RallyGP Rookie Mason Klein raced to his career-first Dakar stage win in today's long and grueling Stage 2 of the 2023 Dakar Rally.

The privateer racer on the BAS Trucks KTM support team started the day in third place, an unfavorable starting position giving the length of the stage and potential for massive time loss. But, it seemed, the field was more than happy to give him the chance to lead out towards the end of the rally and he did so with a bit of authority, stamping his name in the Dakar stage winner's book. 

We get on the phone with Klein and chat about his day in this episode. Also, we talk with the other American privateer out there, Jacob Argubright. Of course, we check in with the top contenders (as available) and hear from Toby Price, Joan Barreda, Daniel Sanders, and got the ironman/unsupported insight from Paul Neff in the Original by Motul class. 

Another entertaining and fun look into the big day at Dakar in Saudi. More coming tomorrow. Don't miss it and don't forget to get your picks in for the Dakar Fantasy Derby at www.chainslayer.com/dakar , and buy a t-shirt from www.bivouacrally.com !