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KLIM Dakar Rally Daily | 2023 Stage 5 | Episode 53

Episode Summary

A grueling Stage 5 shakes up the 2023 Dakar Rally standings. Bonus point rule works,

Episode Notes

Today's Stage 5 Show goes deep into the sands of Saudi Arabia for direct reporting from the 2023 Dakar Rally. 

For the first time in the rally, big navigation errors and accuracy determined the outcome of the day's and overall ranking. Also, the time bonus scheme for leading to the stage's waypoints played into the overall ranking today, actually awarding a stage victory!

Don't miss this show! We hear from stage winner Adrien VanBeveren, today's runner-up Nacho Cornejo, first-on-course Joan Barreda, Mason Klein, Toby Price, and American Rally Original ambassador/spokesman Paul Neff! 

Tomorrow's Stage 6 is the longest, and likely fastest, of the rally. How will that play out in the overall? You can play along by picking the finishers in the Dakar Fantasy Derby! It's free, super fun, and you can win great prizes from our show sponsors KLIM, Rally Navigator, Giant Loop, Fasst Co. Taco Moto, Ruby Moto and more!

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