Dakar Rally Daily

KLIM Dakar Rally Daily | 2023 Stage 7 | Episode 55

Episode Summary

We're Not Canceled, Even Though Today's Stage Was!

Episode Notes

Stage Seven from the 2023 Dakar Rally was canceled after Stage six dragged on for most riders into the night. The organizers made the call to make it a commute today, sending the motorcycle riders off on 500km road ride into a marathon bivouac. The weather really threw the last couple days into chaos but after tonights camp-out without their teams, the riders have just one more day of racing before the rest stage.

In today's show we hear from a resurrected Paul Neff who spent 30+ hours without sleep to get to the pits today after limping is rally bike in at 4am, doing major electronic repairs and hitting the road again. 

We also check in with Larry Klein, Mason Klein's dad, who is running the motorhome duty for Mason. 

Finally, we get updates from Mason, Skyler Howes, and Jacob Argubright about the state of the race for each of them and what they expect in the coming days.